How to identify genuine leather bag

Posted By: Jenniffer Published: 01/06/2019 Times Read: 292 Comments: 0

1.Touching:  touch the surface of leather bag, if smooth, soft, plump, and better flexible is Genuine Leather . Generally, artificial surfaces made of synthetic leather are acidic, rigid and bad soft.

2. Seeing: the Genuine Leather bag's  surface have clearer pores, patterns. For example, bags made of yellow calf skin will have more symmetrical pores, bags made of yak skin will have large pores and sparse pores

3. Smelling:  natural leather bags have a strong fur smell ; Artificial leather has a obvious plastic odor

4.Burning: tear a piece of  fiber from the back of real leather bag and artificial leather bag. After burning, the one exudes a pungent smell and form a lump is artificial leather bag. the one give hair smell,turn into powder is the real leather bag


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