16 Types of Handbags – Which You Do Not Own Yet

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Handbags are what we can never get enough of. Either, we can't have too many handbags! Don't listen to what others say. If you are a handbag hoarder (most of us are), you should know the different types of handbags so that you can buy more different types of handbags! You didn't see it coming, didn't you? And that's why we provide you with a quick checklist. We hate you for missing any of these.


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1. Barrel Bag
Bucket bags and rectangular bags are usually confused with each other, but rectangular bags should be laid flat. The barrel bag is clearly cylindrical and is usually slightly larger than a rectangular bag - although it also has a larger size. This bag also often has a slightly longer strap for better descent and to accommodate occasionally into medium-sized categories. Depending on the design and size, this bag can be casual or casual.

2. Frame bag
The frame bag is another one that has recently fallen out of favor, but its unique silhouette almost guarantees that fashion will bring it back soon. This is a medium sized bag with a solid bottom and a hard side that can stand upright. The trapezoidal shape of the frame bag is somewhat unique and provides a straight line to provide both business and casual wear. This is another handbag that often avoids the shoulder strap and features a smarter handle design.

3. Duffle Bag
Most people know what a duffel bag is, and the handbag version is usually just a smaller version. The duffel bag is usually of a flat size with rounded ends and a longer strap to balance its more spacious capacity. Although the most common type of duffel bag is larger, making it more suitable for casual and sportswear, there are some smaller styles. However, this is rarely the bag you wear.

4. Saddle Bag
The saddle bag is characterised by its traditional saddle bag for use in front of the car. These bags are usually quite large and larger than most. Saddle bags are also the handbags that are least likely to be made of fabric, not leather. This bag has a top that can be folded and closed with a button like a messenger bag. The Saddlebags have a softer, rounded bottom and a long strap that allows the bag to be worn in a messenger bag. Needless to say, this is almost a casual bag.

5. Satchel
A satchel is almost a typical business bag, similar to the intersection between a messenger bag and a saddle bag. The bottom of the bag has a hard bottom that can stand upright, but is usually not a larger bag. Most importantly, the folding top of this satchel is designed with a buckle that includes a saddle bag and a crossbody bag. Finally, it comes with a long strip that can be worn in a cross-body bag but also has a versatile handle.

6. Bucket Bag
Bucket bags are very similar to basket bags, except that the base is usually round rather than rectangular. Most importantly, the bucket bag is usually taller than the wide one, but the sides are not as strong as other stand-up pouches. Barrel bags are also known for their drawstring closures and longer straps with short handles. In this way, it is a bit like the intersection between the bowling bag and the basket bag. Generally, this bag is casual - especially bohemian.

7. Baguette Bag
The name of Baguette comes from the French bread. The rectangular bag is a rather small handbag with one or two short shoulder straps for a more wearable dress. That is to say, rectangular bags are still often too big to wear formal clothes, and usually paired with smart pants or a more eclectic style. It was first promoted by Sarah Jessica Parker in the “Sex and the City” and became one of the first “it” bags.

8. Doctor’s Bag
We also have a handbag that is taken directly from a more practical package and is suitable for fashion use. These are usually some of the biggest bags and even challenge the largest size backpack or saddle bag. This bag usually has a short handle and a sturdy bottom that allows the bag to stand upright. Rigid frames and metal buckles usually allow this larger bag to work with a more beautiful look.

9. Backpack Purse
From its name, this is just a small backpack. Since it is one of the larger handbags on our list, this is definitely a casual handbag. Despite this, few backpack wallets are large enough to be used as standard backpacks. That is to say, there are many high-end designers who seem to be interested in challenging big and loose meaning casual wear. Meanwhile, this is a fairly common choice for sportswear due to its convenience and size.

10. Folder Purse
Folder wallets are no longer so popular, as most women choose larger packages when they need to carry paperwork and other items. That is to say, this is not a particularly large package, usually running in medium size. However, to ensure the integrity of their important documents, these bags are generally erect, the sides are stiff, and the longer straps prevent the bags from gathering. It goes without saying that this bag is perfect for business wear.

11. Hobo Bag
This bag emerged in mid-2010 and there is no sign of slowing down. The casual style of these slacks is perfect for casual and bohemian style shoes. The design of the Hobo bag occasionally stands upright and often avoids the straps. This is usually a larger bag that will be made of a softer material but with other accents and crescent shapes.

12. Tote Bag
Often referred to as a shopping bag or beach bag, this is usually one of the largest types of handbags, and rarely finds a smaller than medium size handbag. The bottom of the bag will lie flat on the ground, high on both sides - although the sides do not need to be stiff. This type of bag usually uses a set of longer handles that can be carried by hand or shoulder. The size of this bag is usually reduced to casual wear, but usually provides the maximum average capacity.

13. Clutch
Few handbags are as unique as clutches and have many uses. The clutch is also one of the few handbags that are usually not designed with a belt, forcing the wearer to hold the bag in his hand - hence the name. Although this handbag can be worn with casual wear and dresses, the most common is formal clothing, which can be used as a refined and feminine accent, usually with an elegant look. A considerable part is due to the flat profile of the slim profile.

14. Minaudiere
This is not technically a "bag" but a situation indicated by the hinge design. In any case, minaudiere aims to make a statement, especially on formal occasions. Usually about the size of a clutch or envelope clutch, the minaudiere will have a hard side and is usually decorated with some sparkling accent. Sometimes this type of bag will be fitted with a strap that is long enough to provide an elegant drop.

15. Quilted Bag
This is another handbag, not actually its own type, but more refers to the style that many handbags can use. Hobo bags and envelope clutches are the most commonly used cuts and will use quilting techniques. This is because the quilted bag is inherently casual and cannot stand on its own without some reinforcement. The quilted bag will also take advantage of the features of any type of handbag that it uses. That is to say, quilting technology can usually prevent this from being suitable for anything other than casual wear.

16. Messenger Bag
This is actually one of the few handbags that men and women like, although the handbags of these two genders usually differ. Specifically, women's Messenger bags tend to be smaller. Most importantly, these bags usually have a folded top that is closed with a buckle. This bag also usually has a fairly long strap that can be worn as a crossbody bag. This bag can be either a casual bag or a business bag, but it is rarely suitable for formal wear.


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