500G Single Piece Single Color Clay Mud Diy Soft Molding Process Oven Baking Clay Block Adult Children Birthday Gift

500G Single Piece Single Color Clay Mud Diy Soft Molding Process Oven Baking Clay Block Adult Children Birthday Gift

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    Color remarks     Color remarks     Color remarks
    Product Name:
    environmental protection soft clay single piece 500g
    Color: 60 colors, please Color remarks

    Product specification: 20 * 15 * 1
    Product material: PVC
    Product application: kindergarten, sports wholesale market. Mud for schools, educational units and training courses
    Unit of measurement: piece
    Ingredients: PVC / plasticizer / calcium powder
    Product advantages: the product has passed a number of quality and safety certification at home and abroad, and has been exported to many countries,
    Passed safety certification: en71-1-2-3, SGS, MSDS, ASTM, etc~~
    Note: do not use microwave oven for heating
    Packing: please refer to the material object!


    Note: (58. Glow in the dark) there is no such clay for the time being.
    1, white / 2, transparent white / 3, light gray / 4, dark gray / 5, black / 6, vermilion red / 7, yellow brown / 8, brown / 9, light pink / 10, pink / 11, rose pink / 12, rose red / 13, brick red / 14, big red / 15, dark red / 16, black red / 17, light skin tone / 18, skin tone / 19, bright yellow / 20, medium yellow / 21, bright yellow / 22, light orange / 23, orange / 24, orange red / 25, light blue / 26, lake blue / 27, royal blue / 28, light cyan / 29, cyan / 30, teal / 31, cyan Black / 32, Cyan / 33, Fluorescent Yellow / 34, Fluorescent Green / 35, Light Yellow Green / 36, Yellow Green / 37, Grass Green / 38, Green / 39, Dark Green / 40, Dark Green / 41, Light Purple / 42, purple / 43, dark purple / 44, fuchsia / 45, black purple / 46, light coffee / 47, medium cyan / 48, fluorescent red / 49, golden green / 50, pink purple / 51, dark brick Red / 52, Light Fluorescent Yellow / 53, Light Fluorescent Green / 54, Light Fluorescent Red / 55, Marble / 56, Gold / 57, Copper / 59, Silver / 60, Dream Blue

    Features of soft clay:
    1, Environmental protection, softness and good toughness;
    2, Bright colors with 54 colors;
    3, the soft hardness is moderate;
    4, it is not easy to mix colors;
    5, can be used to make flowers, decorations, bracelets, pendants, ornaments, jewelry and so on.

    Setting method: oven baking (recommended); boiling; steaming setting; hair dryer setting
    Preservation method: Keep it in a cool and cool place;
    Best Oven Baking Formulation
    The actual and indicated temperatures of different brands of ovens and different models of ovens are different! So everyone should pay attention to the following points when baking soft clay:
    1, the good baking temperature of soft pottery is 120-140 degrees. Please note that 140 is the standard temperature, not that your oven indicates 140 degrees, it means that the actual temperature of your oven is 140 degrees. Last time, a friend of Tao said that it was roasting When making soft pottery, it is indicated at 80 degrees that the soft pottery is burnt.
    2, The baking time takes more than 15 minutes, and the time longer than 2cm thick is appropriately lengthened. Please note that the oven is 140 degrees roasted! Some Tao friends think that it is okay to adjust the work for 15 minutes after putting it in the oven. In fact, this kind of soft pottery is less than 10 minutes at a temperature of 140 degrees, so that the baked soft pottery will break and become weak. The correct method is to preheat the oven for 10 minutes, and then put the work into the oven when the temperature in the oven reaches 140 degrees! Wait for the oven to cool naturally before opening the door to take out the work!
    3, Placement of the work, the work must be placed in the middle of the upper and lower pipes, an oven with hot air circulation is preferred, so that the work is evenly heated! If the work is large and tall and needs to be close to the heating pipe, you can find a tile mat on the tray, put it on the lower end, and place the work on the tile to bake! It\'s better if there is tin foil covering the work! Tall works can be baked next to hard objects, which will prevent the photos from falling and deforming, etc.

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